Here is a selection of some of my past and current creations. Please feel free to get in touch with me, to enquire if I still have any of these pieces or if you should want something similar. I also have limited edition prints available of many of these pictures.


Three Stars, it was nice to create some countryside for a change.


Hopefully Spring will be here soon!


......and carrying on the gardening theme.



The beautiful flowery roof was made from a rescued  book plate from a book presented as a Sunday school prize in the early 1900's



How could I resist calling the yacht "Shifty McGifty"?




Fisher German Bight

This map of the Shipping Forecast areas was great fun to make, if considerably time consuming. Prints available.



Prints available.

St James the Less Church, Kingston, Devon

The original of this picture was made and donated to an auction raising money for the fabric of the church. There are about 1000 separate pieces of paper in this creation!!!!!! Prints available.


Fish was sold on the South Hams Arts Trail, a big creation made in two halves and it has gone to a good home I think. Prints available.


Happy little Gin and Tonic Fish


Small but cute


They went to Sea


Home Farm.

Prints available.


Similar tractors available in Red and Green. Prints available.


This beauty went all the way down to Cornwall. Prints available.


How Awful!

Actually I rather loved this one. Prints available.

Somewhat dark, "Never again did little Red Riding Talk!"

The Beach

One of my favourite designs, which has appeared in various styles and colours, but all very different, in fact unique. Prints available.

Man walking dog


This little chap was my first human to appear, first of many probably! Prints available.


And the Captain said to me.

Spot the original copy of the Times, from 1881, tatty of course, with an early 1900 French school book, luckily for me which had been well scribbled on, not forgetting the nostalgia of sticking in Green Shield stamps for my mother when I was a child! Prints available.


The Flower Shop

Looks like it could be in France, but definitely came out of my imagination. Prints available.

Deep Blue Sea.

Thanks to a lovely neighbour, who arrived with a 1970's Auto Trader, "The Mayflower" makes quite interesting reading. The pub sign is a British Stamp,I think released for the Millennium. Prints available.



December design for my 2017 Oxfam family organiser.

November 5th

Also for my calendar, reminiscent of taking my daughters to the local display every year.

Valentine's day

Of all the designs for my Oxfam project, this one had me scratching my head for the longest.


Spot two birds, one squirrel, three sheep (far to easy!), one hedgehog, owl and rabbit.

Fantasy Island

Based on my design for my jigsaw puzzle. Prints available.

Sand between your toes




Evidence of our holiday in Crete, more old calendars and envelopes, and other pieces from my old copy of The Times. Empty pages of my daughter"s old maths book and London Thrift stamps, which I have no idea of their age. Prints available.

Country Church

A creation that will hopefully become a greetings card before too long.


Forsythia cottage

March from my calendar, the Forsythia suggested by a good friend who is my horticultural expert.

Funny Looking

A special birthday present for my daughter Lorna. There are at least 20 references to her and our family in this, I had great fun making it for her. Some of the aspects of it are very obvious, dates, names and our pets, especially our old dog Ben, who is definitely the "very extremely very clever dog", others are far more subtle, no guesses for who owns the hairy chest!!!! Prints available.

Garden shed

Made using old menus, kindly donated by The Journeys End pub in Ringmore. Prints available.

Happy days

I'm not sure who this little lady is with the generous attributes is, but she is certainly very happy, no doubt about that.


Having a Cuddle

This could be a few lovely coastal villages here in the Southwest, but again, came from my imagination. Prints available.


Italian Seaside

The railings all made from a label from one of our favourite wines.

The King's Head

Note the recipe for Baked pigs fry! Delicious, I'm sure but maybe not. That was taken from a little wartime cookery booklet. Prints available.

More walkies

I'm not sure who ended up dribbling on the carpet! Prints available.


Prints available.


Merry and happy

New Home

This design is now on sale as a "New Home " card.

Owl in Tree

Nearly my calendar cover, but not quite!


Something I have been accused of at times! Actually "September".

Pink Cottage

Maybe to retire to in years to come.

Seaside Post Office

Every Monday, my long suffering husband Bryan, delivers his used barograph paper to my desk, they find their way into the majority of my creations. Prints available.

Seaside Village Prints available.

May days

I was very tempted to keep this one.

Toy Shop

January, this picture has been donated to the Kingsbridge branch of Oxfam.

VW Van off to the Beach.

Fiddlers Three .Prints available.

Who would have thought that the old wrapper from a pair of knitting needles could become a roof?

Look for an old matchbox, bus ticket, calendars, inside of envelopes, old playing cards to name but a few.




one little gin and tonic fish............

..........and keeping on an alcoholic theme