Hot, hot, hot!


Well, I have been enjoying the weather but I think my work may have suffered a bit, despite two fans, every available door and window open, I was unable to stay in my “Random shed/studio” in the afternoons, even my faithful pooch in his fur jacket abandoned me!

I have still been making some new items, so watch this space.

I have added a new selection of retro "paper" sardine and pilchard tins, both framed and unframed.

On a much brighter note, my website is stocked with lots of loveliness and as we can't get out, if you want to send someone a treat, I can send it to you, or your recipient, with a note to go with it.

I am also able to send gift vouchers of any denomination to your loved ones too.

Please, if you are able, support small, local businesses of all kinds, it helps