.......and here we go again


Well, here we go again, if anyone had told us this time last year what we would all be going through, nobody would have believed them! It has been so tough, for so many, and as I write this, it doesn't seem to be getting much better!

On a much brighter note, my website is stocked with lots of loveliness and as we can't get out, if you want to send someone a treat, I can send it to you, or your recipient, with a note to go with it.

I am also able to send gift vouchers of any denomination to your loved ones too.

Please, if you are able, support small, local businesses of all kinds, it helps

Stay home everyone, as much as you are able, it's people who are moving the virus about, with vaccination delivery speeding up, we will be able to meet again, and what I, and many others are missing so much, is a hug!