LIFE...... DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had hoped that life might be settling down by now, but there are still so many hurdles ahead for many of us. As I have said before, living where we do has been such a blessing, in the countryside but surrounded by many lovely people.
We are nearly at the three month stage since adopting our anxious dog, he has a lot of problems, but we love him and he loves us, and he seems to just love being in my studio with me, and I obviously encourage him to keep me company.
I have been busy creating, completing a couple of large commissions, which I love to do and now working on potential Christmas gifts. I have, got very healthy stocks of my creations, far more than I can put on here, so  please do get in touch if you want anything, and I will happily send you photographs, of what I have, to give you more choice. I have a wonderful selection of my stitched and covered notebooks to choose from. I have just added a large number of "boozy" small pictures for you to look at.
Please, if you are able, support small, local businesses, as all the sales and events are being cancelled, it makes it very difficult to keep going.