Here at last "Fantasy Island" Jigsaw January 29 2016


We had an exciting delivery this week of the first batch of the "Fantasy Island" Jigsaws. Which are now ready to buy. Needless to say, I am very proud of the finished piece, rather like an author getting their first book published. I am over the moon and hope this will be the first of many creations to be published.

Puzzle sample has arrived!!!!!!! December 05 2015

I haven't been as excited about a delivery from the postman in a very long time! The sample arrived from Otter House this week and is looking great! All of our family have been trying for pole position to complete it and we are nearly there! It has 1000 pieces and will be available to buy in January, I'm not sure of a price yet but watch this space. We have had great pleasure putting it together and will proudly photograph it  on completion.